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As of May 9th, 2019 Stoneman’s Jewellery Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Black Band Jewellery Design Inc. With this acquisition, Stoneman’s Jewellery Inc. will be the new proud supplier of the original Nurses “Black Band” jewellery and Real Estate Professional jewellery which were designed by Margaret (Maggie) Hennebury (Armitage) a Nurse and Native of Louisbourg, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Stoneman’s Jewellery is happy to have Maggie onboard for support as she will continue to be involved in the sales and promotions of the “Black Band” products moving forward. 
Stoneman's Jewellery Inc is A family run business located in Halifax! We understand that all jewellery is a form of self-expression, allowing men and woman to differentiate themselves. We sell products from fashion jewellery right up to high-end jewellery to meet whatever your needs may be. We also carry regular stock on earrings, chains, bracelets, rings, watches, gifts etc. Although each person is unique, we will have something available for you. We provide jewellery repair services! We now cut house, mailbox and master padlock keys!
Maggie, the ring designer graduated from the Victoria General Hospital School of Nursing in 1977. Her full-time nursing practice has spanned thirty-seven years. A primary focus on Critical Care, Coordinating Medical Death investigation at the Medical Examiners Service in Halifax, NS and Managing Long Term Care. A lifelong commitment to caring with a side passion for design led to the creation of Black Band Jewellry Designs Inc. on March 8th, 2004, where the promotion of her profession is in the forefront. The birth and design of Black Band Jewellery Designs occurred while reflecting on the loss of the historic Black Band that framed the Registered Nurses cap. Most RNs stopped wearing the cap in the early '80s which resulted in the disappearance of the Black Band. Creating the Black Band Ring provided the appropriate way to share this identifying symbol with future Registered Nurses. Respectful and mindful of the invaluable contribution of all health care workers, Stoneman's Jewellery will continue to craft symbols that reflect the daily dedication, compassion and commitment these individuals provide.